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Insurance is crucial, but it's not usually discussed in schools or everyday conversations even though everyone needs it. Many people lack knowledge about insurance specifics and the importance of having the right coverage, but I find genuine satisfaction in explaining these details. It's fulfilling because without this clarity, many may not know what they're covered for and, more importantly, what they're not covered for. By simplifying this information, I help individuals make informed decisions about their insurance, ensuring they have the protection that suits their specific needs.

I possess a talent for creativity that proves beneficial both at home and in the professional sphere. This skill enables me to effectively address workplace challenges and indulge in writing stories during my free time. When not working, I enjoy spending time with family, friends, and my dogs Cash and Banks. I also enjoy meeting new people and learning about new things.

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"Lance Combs has been such a pleasure to work with. He has been very patient with my many questions and concerns. He went above and beyond to get answers and resolve the problems I was facing. He always responded promptly to my calls and emails."
- Mary L.